Our Brews

We have four staple brews at present, plus quite a number of specials that we create from time to time. All our beers are double-dropped during fermentation in the traditional way. Please read on for tasting notes for some of our bitters and ales.

Colchester No. 1
1042 og, ABV 4.1 %

A classic english best bitter, copper in colour. Whole leaf Boadicea hops for flavour and the definitive aroma of East Kent Goldings.

Available in 500 NRB bottles.
1037 og, ABV 3.6 %

A cracking session bitter, rich amber in colour. Packed with flavour and drinking noticeably above its strength. Fuggles and goldings are blended traditionally for freshness and finish.
1039 og, ABV 3.9 %

A superb golden session beer, with enormous balance and depth of flavour and a long floral, spicy finish.

Available in 500 NRB bottles.
Red Diesel
1042 og, ABV 4.2 %

Red best bitter, well balanced with a long rich finish

Retro Specials

AK Pale
1038 og, ABV 3.7 %

1900s pale ale, mildly hopped. Fresh and fruity.
Joint winner Colchester beer festival 2012.
1043 og, ABV 4.1 %

Dark, ruby mild. Sweet and fruity.
Double Brown Ale
1047.5 og, ABV 4.6%

Hoppy, golden, light and citrus - IT AIN'T. Dark brown, malty, sweetish and balanced - IT IS!

All beers are always available in Kilderkins and Firkins. We also supply Pins, poly pins 34pts, demi pins 18 pts, for which we respectfully request 24 hours notice.