Beer in stock

A quick list of all our draught brews currently in stock. Please select detailed view that shows more information if you are not familiar with our beers. Note that we also have bottled beers available.

Clip Name Style Strength
AKA Pale AKA Pale Pale 1039 og, ABV 3.7%
Barbarian pump clip Barbarian Copper 1040.5 og, ABV 3.9%
Colchester No. 1 Pumpclip Colchester No.1 Copper 1042 og, ABV 4.1%
Jack Spitty pump clip Jack Spitty Golden 1041.5 og, ABV 4.0%
Jumbo Stout Jumbo Stout Stout 6.6% ABV
Metropolis Pumpclip Metropolis Golden 1040.5 og, ABV 3.9%
Modraniht Modraniht Amber 3.9% ABV
No Man's Land No Man's Land Blonde ABV 4.2%
London Porter Old King Coel London Porter Porter 1052 og, ABV 5.0%
Romans Romani Ite Domum Golden 1045 og, ABV 4.3%
Stout Monkeys Stout Monkeys Stout ABV 5.1%
Sweeney Todd Pumpclip Sweeney Todd Red ABV 4.2%