Download Pump Clips

Landlords! We realise that sometimes a pump clip may get mislaid but please don't get out your crayons! Download and print the proper clip here.

AKA Pale pumpclip
Anne Downes pumpclip
Barbarian pumpclip
Braggot Honey Beer pumpclip
Brass Monkey pumpclip
Brazilian pumpclip
Brinsop pumpclip
Burton Snatch Pale Ale pumpclip
Cat's Whiskers Cream Stout pumpclip
Cenosillicaphobia pumpclip
Colchester No.1 pumpclip
Colchester Rye pumpclip
Day of the Triffids pumpclip
Diesel pumpclip
Divine Claudius pumpclip
Double Brown Ale pumpclip
Drizzle pumpclip
Flaming Gun pumpclip
Grasshopper pumpclip
Hyperbole pumpclip
Hodgson's Solution India Ale pumpclip
Jack Spitty pumpclip
Metropolis pumpclip
Mild pumpclip
No. 88 pumpclip
No Man's Land pumpclip
Old King Coel London Porter pumpclip
Oatmeal Mild pumpclip
Old Mortality pumpclip
Pogonophobia pumpclip
Pontisbright pumpclip
Red Diesel pumpclip
Romani Ite Domum pumpclip
Santa's Claws pumpclip
Stout Monkeys pumpclip
Sun Siren pumpclip
Sweeney Todd pumpclip
Table Ale pumpclip
Trinovantes Gold pumpclip
Winter Nights Dark Ruby Ale pumpclip