Welcome to Colchester Brewery

Welcome to the Colchester Brewery, located in Wakes Colne in Essex, a few miles from the historic town of Colchester.

Our policy is to brew memorable beers. By using double-drop brewing and with the development of old-style fermentation and brewing yeasts our beers delight the discerning drinker and have won awards at a number of festivals around the country. These traditional brewing methods result in beers that settle very quickly, which makes us popular with landlords! We also sell direct to the public in firkins and polypins, and 500ml bottles -more info here.

Wot no beer festival?

What a shame there is no Chappel Beer Festival this year. We'll miss seeing old friends at the Shunter's Arms.

Instead why not support a local pub or failing that, why not hold your own beer festival? Get a few mini-kegs or bag-in-boxes in! 


min ikegs

Free delivery in our delivery area.