Off-sales to the public from the Brewhouse Door

We welcome sales direct to the public, by appointment please. We have five staple brews that are usually available - Colchester No.1, Metropolis, Sweeney Tood, AKA Pale and Jack Spitty. Our regular retro-style beers and specials will be available from time to time. All our beers are double-dropped during fermentation in the traditional way - this means they tend to settle reliably and much faster than most other beers made using more modern (cheaper) processes.


Beers are available to the public in Firkins (9 gallons, 72 pints), poly pins (34 pints) and demi pins (18 pints), for which we respectfully request 24 hours notice.

Please click here to see our public price list for barrels and polypins.

You can download these simple instructions for setting up polypins.


We usually have the following beers available in 500ml NRB bottles:

  • Colchester No. 1
  • Metropolis
  • Red Diesel

These are available individually to your order, and we usually have a three-bottle gift pack of these ready to go.

We also have regular bottling runs to supply these beers (please check with us for availability):

  • Old King Coel London Porter
  • Brazilian (330ml NRB)

Our bottles of beer are £2.75 each or £33 per dozen (including VAT).

You can visit our beer pages for tasting notes for our stouts, milds, bitters and ales; see our Permanent Beer list, our Retro Beers and our Special Monthly Brews.