Welcome to Colchester Brewery

Welcome to the Colchester Brewery, located in Wakes Colne in Essex, a few miles from the historic town of Colchester. We can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Policy

Our policy is to brew memorable beers. A simple objective, but not necessarily an easy one to achieve. Time will tell just how successful we are, but with double-drop brewing and the development of old-style fermentation and brewing yeasts being part of our strategy, our beers are already delighting the discerning drinker.

At our first beer festival attendance we sold out our 3 firkins within a couple of hours so we knew we were on the right track...

Since then our beers have won awards at a number of festivals around the region.

Why the Viaduct Brewhouse?

If you visit or know the area, you will see why we chose the name the Viaduct Brewhouse. The brewery is within a stone's throw of the famous Colne Valley and Chappel viaduct, 32 arches long, which carries the single-track railway between Sudbury and Marks Tey - an iconic East Anglian sight.

viaduct picture