The Colchester Brewery

In 2011 three friends, with considerable experience in the brewing industry, decided that they would set up a new brewery.

Tom Knox had been head brewer at a well respected brewery on the Essex / Suffolk border. He brings 24 years experience in crafting beers that linger in the memory long after the glass has been drained.

Roger Clark has 35 years of experience in bringing cask ales to the drinking public, and runs the sales team.

Andy Bone has run a number of businesses over the past thirty years including being MD of a brewery; he serves as Chairman and company secretary. Despite being a scion of the Watney brewing dynasty, Andy is a dedicated fan of cask ales, and has promised not to reintroduce the Party 7!

Tom was heart set on having a town centre brewery, but after weeks of searching for suitable premises, and considering the overheads of Colchester business rates and rents, decided it was not practical. Fortunately, suitable premises became available in Wakes Colne, which is still in the borough and only a few minutes outside Colchester.

A lot of hard work saw the creation of the Viaduct Brewhouse, at Wakes Colne Business Centre, just north of the Chappel viaduct. Tom was adamant that he wanted to create real ale using traditional methods, and in particular the double-drop brewing process, despite the extra cost involved. All the stakeholders wanted to create the best possible brewery with beers to be proud of. The first brew - aptly named No.1 - was ready for sale by February 2012.

Our range of brews is now increasingly available in the area and we are supplying beer festivals whenever we can! See the 'Pubs Supplied' page for the latest.

staff Here is a picture of the brewery team, L to R:
Top: Danny Knox (Tom's dad, chief cask washer), Tom Knox, Dom Skeet (brewer) and Dean Elmer (delivery driver)
Middle: Carol Hill (sales), Roger Clark, Tanya Ellis (accounts)
Bottom: Gilly and Diesel, the dogs

Colchester Brewery is financed by friends and family and those connections are part of our ethos. Here you can see the majority of our investors enjoying a beer at our launch party.

Colchester Brewery Ltd is not to be confused with the old Colchester Brewing Company - you can find out more about the history of that old bottling company here.

You can see some pictures from our set up stages here.